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One of the issues facing users of previous Jackson tools such as PDF, JSP Tool and JSP-COBOL, is that there is sadly no support mechanism remaining for those tools. This presents a risk to onward system maintenance, particularly as many of these tools are also designed to run on old operating systems that are themselves no longer supported.

Some advocate a one-off translation from JSP/JSD definitions to source code that is then maintained in an ad hoc fashion. The Jackson Workbench or Jackson Batch Converter make sound choices for such a conversion, as they generate more readable and optimised code than the original tools.

However, this is not an approach that KCSL recommends. By using our tools it is possible to continue to leverage the solid design benefits of the Jackson methods provided, whist simultaneously moving to a modern integrated development environment that is fully supported.

KCSL is committed to long-term development and support for its Jackson products, and provides a number of different Support and Maintenance Packages (SMPs) to complement its products. Please contact us for more details.

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