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Jackson System Development

The wikipedia summary definition for Jackson System Development is as follows:

Sample JSD Notation

"Jackson System Development evolved from ideas in Jackson's earlier, programming design, methodolgy, JSP. Between 1980 and 1983, Jackson and John Cameron evolved the core concepts of JSD. After 1983, Jackson was less involved in the development of JSD, and refinements in JSD were made based on experiences of JSD consultants on a variety of consulting projects. Updated versions of the method were described in LBMS Jackson system development method manual (Wiley, 1992) and Practical program development using JSP (Blackwell, 1987) by Ralph Storer.

When it was originally presented by Jackson in 1983, the method consisted of six steps.

  1. Entity/Action Step
  2. Initial Model Step
  3. Interactive Function Step
  4. Information Function Step
  5. System Timing Step
  6. System Implementation Step

Later, some steps were combined to create a method with only three steps.

  1. Modelling Stage
  2. Network Stage
  3. Implementation Stage"

Jackson System Development was supported for COBOL development by the JSP-COBOL tool, but is now supported by KCSL Jackson Workbench and its JSD Network Editor component.

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