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Program Development Facility

Like JSP Tool, the Program Development Facility (or PDF as it is more widely known) a DOS-based tool produced by Michael Jackson Systems Limited which used for editing Jackson Structure diagrams and generating source code from them.

PDF structures are saved as text files. Unliked JSP Tool, a PDF file only contains a single structure and allows a structure header, but not a structure footer.

Example PDF syntax
    0  1-FEB-06 PDF V2.1C BOOK                            1, 7, 7, 1
    0             BOOK              SEQ  NORM     
    0            ACQUIRE            LEAF NORM     
    1           CLASSIFY            LEAF NORM     
    1             life              SEQ  NORM     
    0             loan              SEQ  NORM     
    0             LEND              LEAF NORM     
    1            renews             ITER NORM     
    0             RENEW             LEAF NORM     
    2            RETURN             LEAF NORM     
    3           end part            SEL  NORM     
    0             SELL              LEAF NORM     
    1            DISPOSE            LEAF NORM     
   -1             BOOK              SEQ  NORM

PDF was sold in the late 1970's and early 1980's by Michael Jackson Systems Limited. It is no longer available to buy or supported.

The Structure Editor component of the KCSL Jackson Workbench provides a complete replacement for PDF. It can read and write structure diagrams in PDF format. Full support options are available for this product.

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