Jackson Methods Community

Updated: 2007-02-14
Information about folks interested in the Jackson methods.

Consultants & Vendors
Michael A. Jackson
The original Jackson methods consultant, in London, England
Jim Newport
Keywood Computer Services Limited
vendor of JSP Editor and Jackson Workbench CASE tools
Ashley McNeile
Nicholas Simons
Metamaxim Ltd is a UK-based services company specialising in advanced behaviour-based modeling, a technique derived from JSD, but with significant changes. Ashley and Nick are the principals.

JSP consultant & trainer

JSP/JSD/Problem Frames/Architecture coach & trainer
Experience in system development on several platforms, since 1979.
Gene Lowrimore
Duke University
JSP/JSD consultant & trainer
Authors, Researchers, Academics, and Other Interested Folks
Ben Kovitz Author of Practical Software Requirements
Roger Alexander Washington State University
Pamela Zave AT&T Labs
Nicholas Ourusoff University of Maine
Bo Sanden Colorado Technical University
Ian Benson Benson Associates
Stephen Ferg Stephen Ferg Associates